Behind the Scenes of the John P. Lockridge Tribute

John P. Lockridge’s contributions to the Colorado School of Mines were unparalleled and rare. When he passed in 2015, the Colorado School of Mines knew they wanted to commemorate his contributions to the school in a special way.

Mainstream and the School of Mines Foundation worked together on a previous project, so their team trusted us to create a video and tell the story of a most extraordinary person. As a donor integral to the Colorado School of Mines basketball program the foundation knew exactly what they wanted to showcase in their video.

One of the interviewees said it best “you can’t really say Mines basketball without John Lockridge.” The team at the Foundation worked with Mainstream to create their video through interviewing some of the Lockridge Scholarship recipients who were more than willing to be interviewed about what Lockridge meant to them.

This was a time sensitive video as they wanted to get the project complete for a contribution ceremony celebrating John P. Lockridge’s life. The team at the Foundation made that possible by having a set purpose and story in mind. We collaborated with them to form the production plan; shooting for a half day and capture the interviews along with shots of the boys basketball team practicing. The foundation provided us with photos and video highlights from the past.

We tied it altogether to tell the story of a man whose legacy will live on, not only at the School of Mines, but in the hearts of all the basketball players he greatly affected.