Behind the Scenes of our Main-Streamlined Package

When people think of producing videos, they often think they can’t afford the costs or that video has to always be wildly expensive. But at Mainstream, we recognize that not every individual has the same goal or budget in mind. That’s where we created our Main-Streamlined video package.

The Main-Streamlined video package is a great way for Mainstream and the client to affordably build the video together. I was inspired to create this video package when it became clear that not all customers are interested in all the bells and whistles that can come with producing a video.

Michael Rocharde and Joyce Feustel are two clients of Mainstream Video Production that have taken advantage of our small business video package. Both Joyce and Michael were interested in creating multiple promotional style videos, but volume of videos was a big priority.

Michael needed several videos to post online and only needed the basics regarding editing and production. Joyce also needed a handful of videos but wanted a bit more producing attention. This gave me the idea to sell services by their parts and peices, ‘à la-carte’. Some clients needed music and graphics and scripts and storyboards, while other clients gravitated towards the basic necessities.

By creating multiple videos in a one hour shoot, Michael and Joyce had an arsenal of videos ready to post at their leisure. Online video presence is crucial for small business’ that are trying to broaden their audience members.

“93% of marketers use video for online marketing, sales or communication and even using the word “video” in an email subject will boost open rates by 19% and click-through rates by 65%.”


Being a new business who is equally concerned about budgets, Mainstream uses this same package in creating our own marketing videos.

The Main-Streamlined video package is for getting those people who have considered buying video to become accustomed with the medium. It can be a confusing process without the right guidance and consultation.

At Mainstream, there’s no shortage of either.