Behind the Scenes of Trimble’s Animation

We’ve developed a collaborative and innovative partnership with the data and technology company Trimble. However, a recent project with them was very different. They needed a video explaining an estimating software system for contractors, owners and project managers. It is a complicated software that was most  effectively explained through animation.

Animation videos are incredibly useful in so many different aspects. With custom animation, you can create anything.

The biggest perk of using animation with our clients is that, no one needs to be on camera. This is a huge fear we’ve encountered and experienced ourselves. It is difficult to be vulnerable on camera and then have that video be posted for the world to see. Another bonus of animation is if there’s no shooting to be done, you don’t need to put work on hold to film for a couple hours.

Animation can also be more memorable than on camera video. Animation offers endless possibilities for you and your business. It can be a standalone video or help you add some pizazz to an on camera piece.