Behind the Scenes of Dom Testa

On your morning drive to work, chances are you’ve tuned into Mix 100.3’s morning radio show. One of the hosts of that show is Dom Testa. Testa is an award-winning author, speaker and broadcaster.

In the spring of 2016, Testa wanted to create a highlight reel to add to his public speaking portfolio. He knew the elements he wanted — crisp audio and specific angles — but was open to our suggestions and opinions, making it a dynamic creative partnership.

We filmed Dom as a keynote speaker at a conference focused around the burnout rate of working professionals. The initial speech was close to two hours and our plan was to create an under 10-minute video.

We created a professional highlight reel that could be shown for other public speaking opportunities. With creating a collaborative production plan and the client being as professional as Dom was, this project was a major success for both parties.