Behind the Scenes of Facebook Ads

Recently, Mainstream Video Production has been playing around with Facebook advertising. We know it is imperative to use, but sometimes difficult to understand. Our team researched what made a Facebook Ad most effective. In this particular scenario, we were creating advertisements to promote our upcoming live webinar.

We leaned on resources like Amy Porterfield’s Online Marketing Made Easy to lead the way. Porterfield, who admittedly “doesn’t like being on video”, had just created a a series of Facebook Ads to garner attention to her webinar. Can you guess which ad converted the most successfully? Yep, it was the one with a video.

So as a video production company, we thought we need to be doing that. We all know that video speaks ten times louder than words, but admittedly, it’s a terrifying experience to be on camera. Being experienced in a professional field (like online marketing) doesn’t necessarily prepare you to be completely vulnerable on camera. Luckily for us, we are in the business of putting things on video.

One day after a shoot for a client we decided to film a quick 30 second Facebook Ad for our live webinar. It was quick, to the point and looked great embedded on our email campaigns and advertisement.

In the video business, (especially as it relates to social media) sometimes less is more. Just getting out a camera, getting decent audio and visuals and most importantly going for it by putting yourself out there will pay off big time in terms of sending a message to your audience.