Behind the Scenes of ASID Crystal Awards 2016

The city of light, love and in this case, the theme of American Society of Interior Design’s 2016 Crystal Awards Ceremony. The Seawell Ballroom in the Denver Performing Arts complex was magnificently transformed, captivating members and contributors. Established and talented nominees anxiously enjoy their cocktails and hors d’oeuvres while they wait to see who will win the coveted honors from the American Society of Interior Design.

Previously, Mainstream Video Production covered the 2015 Crystal Awards and created a great highlight reel recapping the event (ASID 2015 Blog). Graciously we were invited back yet again, this time with even more experience under our belt.

A story cannot accurately be woven without, of course, your characters. At an ASID event, there is a collection of creative and devoted designers, eager for the possibility to communicate what drives them. As the event began, we traveled through tables in hopes of discovering the root of everyone’s excitement. Before the awards were announced, you could tell there was exceptional anticipation in the air, so we harnessed this energy and interviewed event coordinators as well as several of the guests.

Denver has become one of the premiere locations for up-and-coming designers to create a successful platform for themselves. “Denver is the new city of light! We aren’t a cow town anymore, we are doing some of the best design in the country.”, an event organizer declared proudly. “In France, we would be called the crème de la crème.”.

Capturing the suspense of the nominees in contrast to the euphoria of winning was an award in itself for us. One of our goals as a video production company is to capture these pure moments of life’s accomplishments; in this case both planning an amazing event and receiving an award for one’s hard work.