Behind the Scenes of Sawaya Fleet Services

My dad has, and remains, one of the biggest influences in my life.

He has run Sawaya Fleet Services for more than 25 years. Growing up and watching him run the business was a crash course in being a business owner.

So when I started Mainstream Video Production, he was one of the first individuals I talked with.

It was his company, and he wanted to see my company do well so he bought a video. The sell was easy in that capacity, but I had a hard time convincing the rest of his team.

But I knew there was a great story to tell. There is a reason my father has been in business for this long. There is a reason he has had many of the same customers for all that time.

There is a strong commitment to doing things well.

Once I got the film crew there, I could see his team start to understand how powerful the video could be.

They used the video to keep in touch with current clients and send out to leads.

It was great to see his employees come around and have fun with it. It was great to impress my dad.

But the best part was telling a compelling story about a how a business stays in business for a quarter century.