Behind the Scenes of Colorado Insurance Professionals, Inc.

Business is never easy. But as you progress, you find things that make doing business a little more manageable.

I had joined the Aurora Chamber of Commerce and began to meet some great people and get some great leads.

I met Stephen Brunston of Colorado Insurance Professionals, Inc. at a mixer event. He’d done some video by himself, but had struggled with putting together a message he wanted to get across at the quality he desired.

After meeting with him, and learning valuable business lessons from him, I knew Stephen understood the importance of video.

It was a way for him to find leads, share information with existing customers and put the videos together for a marketing campaign.

We did several testimonials and created video for YouTube advertising. I worked with Stephen and his budget, creating a one-day shoot to get everything done.

The shoot and plan showed me the ability to work within budgets as well as timelines. I was even able to work in his dog, an office staple.