Behind the Scenes of LessonsOnly

There is always that moment as a new business owner where things don’t go as planned.

For me, that came immediately.

As my first effort into my new business I had set up a booth at a large youth lacrosse tournament. The idea was parents would swoon over buying videos of highlights of their kids, I would make a bunch of money and my business would be off to a roaring start.

It was a bust. Parents didn’t show up, massive rain storms did and I left soaking wet and wondering what I needed to do.

While the lacrosse tournament didn’t work, it was a lesson in networking and sales.

It’s not necessarily about direct selling, but it is about talking to as many people as necessary.

Two of those people were in the booth next to and happened to be the founders of a startup called Lessons Only.

They needed to attract instructors to sign up for their website before they could start seeing profits.

We talked through all the different ways to approach video and came up with the plan to do animated graphics with a voice over and instead of paying a talent they talked me into it.

In the end, the project cost us more to produce than we made, but it was an invaluable learning lesson.

I do most of my own voice work now. I have a streamlined sales process. Most importantly it was the first piece of finished content by Mainstream Video Production. 

This video tells teachers and instructors all over Denver why they need to create a profile on LessonsOnly.