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If you are still on the fence, take a look at what a few of our customers have to say!

“When I took the StorySELLing course I realized how inefficient I was being and how much of my time I was wasting.”

– Sarah King, Physical Therapist

“Beth is a genius with creating video that makes an impact. She helps cut through the noise and overwhelm of telling your story and makes it simple, easy and most importantly actionable. IF you want to make videos that get your potential clients to know like and trust you – the StorySELLing course is the answer.”

–, A Vibrant Life Plan 

“Video has brought my LinkedIn profiles to life. Let’s face it – LinkedIn can be boring, boring boring, unless you do something exciting like video.”

-Joyce Feustel ~ Boomers Social Media Tutor

“I live for Beth’s video marketing training videos! The team she has built at Mainstream clearly knows their stuff, and you can’t help but feel equally as passionate about the value video marketing can play in the development and growth of your business, as this crew. Every tutorial is clear, concise, and hilarious —after each video, I walk away feeling educated and empowered to build up my own video production game.”

– Pasty Culp ~ & Celebrate 

“Tons of tons of results from video. People can call me and yes meet for coffee, but if someone reaches out from across the world or nation and they don’t want to do a call. They can check me about right away and connect with me [because of my posted videos].”

– Alyce Blum, Networking Coach

Enrollment for our StorySELLing with Video Course is only available at the special low price until 5pm MST today. Make sure and act now!

Oh, and if you buy the course and don’t like what’s in there, we will give you a full refund within 48 hours of purchase. No questions asked.