Don’t Do This to Yourself

We are a DIY house. From our kitchen to any number of misshapen vases or picture frames around the house.

In fact, we made this video DIY style to tell you about a special offer from Mainstream. 

But DIYing isn’t for everything. When we are looking to save time, and make sure something is done right, we bring in the big guns, we still take our cars to the mechanic and we’re having professionals build us a shed.

And having been in the video industry for almost two decades, I know it’s not something you want to do yourself.

You’ll inevitably spend more money and the product won’t look as good.

But there is a fail-safe — learning how to executive produce yourself. At Mainstream Video Production we’ve developed on online course that helps YOU become the executive producer on your video.

Our 6-week class walks you through the essentials — hiring a crew, setting up shoots, working with editors and putting your videos to work.

Because you’re on our preferred Mainstream list, you can get the course through Sept. 26, for $249. That’s almost half the regular price! It includes six modules and access to a Facebook group where we’ll answer all your questions.

Don’t waste time. Sign up now by clicking here. Have questions? Reach out!