Mainstream Video Video – How to Use Video as a Sales Team

If you are anything like me, you go back and forth between person A and person B.

Person A: “I don’t know what’s so hard about business, people love to buy what I am selling”


Person  B: “No one wants to even talk to me let alone buy from me, I should just cut my losses and get a job at this bar (i’ve inevitably gone to) that has a ‘now hiring’ sign.”

Reality check….sales is more of a science than an art.

You may have 10 days in a row where you feel like person B, but I promise the coin will flip.

All you have to do is continue to consistently get your message out there.

And why not do it in the most efficient way possible by cloning yourself?

No not an actual clone…a video clone.

Which is exactly what we are talking about in this week’s installment of Mainstream Video..Video.

We are going to look at how to take all the things you are already doing; networking events follow up, cold emailing, social media….and pouring lighter fluid all over it with a video.