Mainstream Video Video – Sales Strategy

You may have heard the old saying “nothing happens in business until you make a sale.”

So let me ask you. How are your sales going?

It’s always the question that comes before “what video should I make?”  If you are frustrated or scared that you are not making enough revenue, its a sales problem.  No video, marketing strategy or goal setting workshop is going to change that (sorry about the #toughlove).

The good news! Sales is nothing more than a repeatable formula.  Sure you have to be personable, ask more questions than you answer and be willing to talk to people about what their struggles are, but you are already up for that or you wouldn’t be doing what your doing.

What does sales have to do with video? Video is simply a gasoline that multiplies that repeatable sales formula.  If you don’t know your repeatable formula, a video won’t help you.

The good news is finding your sales formula is literally as easy as 1-2-3. Check out this week’s Mainstream Video….VIDEO to create your sales system.  And if you want to know more, sign up for our FREE 6 Step Mini-Course!

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