Behind the Scenes of LaserLaser

Getting older doesn’t have to mean looking older. Inevitably we will all age. The good news for some is, you can control how fast these things happen. At LaserLaser they have a variety of treatments that help clients rejuvenate and refresh their skin.

LaserLaser found Mainstream through a referral, it was our very first referral which was exciting on its own. We were thrilled to have reached a client through all of our networking efforts as that’s what most of 2014 and 2015 was spent doing. When they contacted us, we had a conversation about what their intentions were for using video for their business.

LaserLaser wanted to demonstrate three separate laser procedures live. A lot of their customers were nervous about what exactly the procedures entailed and video was a perfect way to solve that problem..

Having laser treatment is a relatively new cosmetic procedure and their potential clients often have many questions. There’s no more straight forward way to answer these questions then by detailed visuals of what to expect.