Behind the Scenes of Michael Beninati

Michael Beninati is one of Colorado’s best realtors – just ask his customers. He’s an agent at Coldwell Banker, a residential brokerage company whose approach to doing business is one client at a time.

His work ethic is unparalleled and he’s known for his round the clock level of service. With over 16,000 realtors in Denver, he needed a way for people to separate him from other agents in town. A video was a perfect way to do just that.

Mainstream Video Production met Michael through the Elite Industry Partners networking group. The EIP members had just teamed up on a project to pop the top on a house in Mayfair.

The leader of the group, Devon Tilly, was the owner of the house, and Mountain View Window and Door led the charge. Each of the partners contributed a finish to the house. And he hired Mainstream Video Production to film the process as well as the open house once the project was complete. We set up interviews with each industry partner and turned the Grape Street house into the location for each of their video shoots. We also collected the B-roll and other crucial visuals to add to their finished production.

The great thing about this shoot was due to the fact that the partners involved split the production costs. By each scheduling a time for a shoot and a shot list for what was needed to be covered, they were able to get a high end production at a rate they all could afford.

Mainstream Video Production is always open to new and different ways to maximize production efforts.