We are storytellers.

Storytelling binds us together as humans and is said to be one of the greatest pleasures we have. Stories spark emotions and build relationships. Stories teach and inform. Stories entertain. At Mainstream Video Production, we use video to tell our client’s stories and connect you with your customers. Let us tell your story.

“THE STORY OF”:  Show your audience the journey where you are today and connect your potential customers with your brand.

EVENT COVERAGE: Big corporate events, a keynote speech, we have your event covered….literally.

SALES VIDEOS:  No matter where your customer is on the buyer’s journey, you should use video every step of the way.

SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT: Get in front of your customers and potential customers multiple times, while you spend time on the things that matter.

TRAINING VIDEOS:  How-tos, coaching, training or anything anyone needs to know about your product.

WEBSITE HOMEPAGE VIDEOS: Tell people about your brand and your message by having a video on the front page of your website that tells them who you are.

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