Mainstream Video Video – Production Plan

I know that by this point on our journey you have started a plan for creating your video or even have one in the can (video speak for “finished”).

Before you get too excited I want to tell you another #hardtruth.

One video isn’t going to cut it.

I know it’s harsh, but it’s also fair. All those people who talk about how video changed their business didn’t do it with one video.

Videos are like cookies (hmmm cookies) if you are going to make one…you might as well make a batch.

Getting started is far and away the HARDEST part of anything. All I’m asking you to do is ride a little of that sweet sweet momentum into a few more videos.

And that’s what this video is all about, how to shoot a bunch of a videos at once with an kick A production plan.

I know – kick A production plan doesn’t sound right , but if you’re taking the time to set up the lights and camera, take the time to come up with a few more messages you need to send on video.

Good luck!  If you have any questions about how to maximize your shoot day come over to the Facebook group and lets chat.

Until then, happy creating friends.