Mainstream Video Video – Mistakes

How’s the video creation going? Where are you getting stuck? Where are you crushing it! Tell me because I want to know.

While video is the most amazingly powerful communication tool available for any sales and marketing problem or goal…. it is above all else an artistic process.

As you make different videos for your audience, you will learn what they want to see, develop your on camera personality and hone your editing style. All this while dialing in the technical workflow.

In fact, every single time Mainstream finishes a video project we have a laundry list of things we could have done to make it better, or what we learned along the way.

This week’s Mainstream Video Video is all about just that. We put together a list of the 5 mistakes we made on our last Mainstream Video, Video shoot.

Learn from the process ya’ll.

As always let me know if our team can help support you and your video storySELLing journey in any way.