Mainstream Video Video – Every Video Starts with a Single Step

Making a video is something that’s been on your to-do list for a while.

An idea comes to you and you think to yourself “I have got to make a video about this, it would help solve so many problems.”

But then you don’t make that video do you? Why?

I’m guessing it’s because you are letting apprehension hold you back.

Maybe apprehension about spending money, or apprehension about being on camera.

Plus what would you even say?

When I started a video production business I HAD to start making videos and it did several things.

It’s converted shoppers into sales.

It cloned my sales activity, and put me in 30 places at once.

But the biggest reason it works so well is because good video demands the very best of what you have to give.

It forces you to understand who you are, what you are selling and why people should care.

Listen, we want apprehension to have a voice. We believe in understanding something before you invest in it.

But we don’t want apprehension to have the final say.

Which is why we created, The StorySELLing with video online course: the ultimate guide to confidently creating and executing your video marketing strategy.

It’s a $249 investment that will save you $1000’s on video production all while putting YOU in the driver’s seat to create the kinds of videos you love and have been impacted by.

No matter what your budget is, our promise is that through the instruction in this course you can make at least 3-5 of your most important videos at a professional quality in just 6 weeks.

Imagine having a virtual sales team of 3 videos created and working for you by the end of the year.

The video journey is the best one. Who’s coming with us?