Behind the Stream – Get it Done! Video: Where to Start

It’s VERY overwhelming to decide what videos to make. So how do you figure out what videos to start with? I recommend the path of least resistance.

Here are a couple quick examples: What do you say when/if you introduce yourself to a new client = Video 1

What are the questions you get asked about your services again and again = Video 2,3 4

Have an example of someone you have helped? = Video 5, 6, 7

Download our 10 Videos Every Business needs checklist.

Whether you DIY your video through our Video Marketing 101, or you hire us for the full service we recommend starting with the 3 that would make the biggest difference in your business.

Which of the stories above sound easy to make? Start with those but above all else start!

You know when the best time to make a video is? Today.